SF Bay, California

Wavewalk S4 microskiff in SF Bay, California


My name is Magnus Chung, and I live in the western part of the San Francisco Bay area.
Fishing is my passion, and I’ve always looked for a lightweight, easy to carry, car-top boat that could take me and my friends on exciting offshore fishing trips. The Wavewalk S4 is exactly this – It’s comfortable, stable, and seaworthy, and I like driving it, and fishing from it.
I don’t sell Wavewalk’s products, and I don’t take orders for them, but I’d be happy to show you my Wavewalk S4, if it helps you decide to order one directly from the Wavewalk company.

To set an appointment to see my S4, call me at 415 568-6288 or email me to magnuschung@hotmail.com


S4 Microskiff SF Bay area, California S4 microskiff car-topped for transportation