E. North Carolina

NC fisherman casting a shrimping net standing in his S4 skiff

S4 microskiff angler NCHello,
My name is Fin Gold, and I’m a Wavewalk S4 skiff owner from Emerald Isle, North Carolina.
For years, my family and I fished and shrimped from an 18 ft skiff. Recently we switched to a Wavewalk S4, which is easier to transport, launch, and beach. It is more comfortable and seaworthy and allows us to go in shallow water without fear of getting stranded at low tide. The S4 micro skiff is extremely stable and easy to stand in, and it offers us plenty of on-board storage.  We outfitted ours with a 3.5 horsepower outboard, and we can paddle it anytime we need to. It’s perfect for us.

As a demo agent I just show my boat, and I don’t resell Wavewalk’s products or take orders for them.

You are welcome to schedule an appointment to see our S4 named “The Dub”.

Or just call me at (252) 231-2631  or email me at wavewalkerfin@gmail.com to hear more about this amazing boat.

We shot this video on board our S4 during a recent sunset shrimping session –