S4 microskiff in camo green for flats fishing

S4 microskiff in camo green (gator green)

A couple pictures of a Wavewalk S4 microskiff power kayak outfitted for flats fishing.

The motor seen here is a 6HP Tohatsu outboard, long shaft (L).

The image below shows a long stand-up paddling (SUP) paddle that can serve for poling too, and a shorter canoe paddle for seated paddling.

Cleats and other deck rigging are useful, and look good, although this ultralight microskiff already features multiple attachment points as it comes form the factory.

Wavewalk S4 microskiff for shallow water fishingThe advantages of this unique design over Jon boats are multiple, including the fact that unlike most Jon boats, it is molded from Polyethylene, which allows it to go in the ocean and in salt marshes without developing any kind of problem that aluminum boats might have in saltwater.

The S4 micro skiff is just 38″ wide, and it features sloping cockpit sides that allow its crew to paddle it both with canoe and kayak paddles.This is not a trivial point if you’re planning to fish in skinny water, and/or in areas where you could find yourself high and dry at low tide.

This microskiff is more seaworthy than Jon boats as well as most micro skiffs, and it can be car toppoed by one person.

In sum, flats fishing is great but it is also extremely challenging, and in view of this fact, the S4 is the best solution available today, whether you fish solo or in tandem.