Wavewalk Inc. is a manufacturer of patented kayaks and microskiffs.

  • The company was founded in Massachusetts, in 2001
  • Wavewalk’s kayaks, microskiffs and accessories are 100% made in USA
  • Wavewalk sells its microskiffs directly to clients in the US and in other countries, as well as through local dealers.
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The company offers two microskiffs:

1. The Wavewalk S4


Basic Tech Specs

Length: 13 ft, Width: 38″, Weight: 98 lbs, Payload: 650 lbs, Outboard: 3.5HP- 6HP

Basic Features and Benefits

Patented twin hull (catamaran) for maximal stability, longitudinal saddle-seat (personal watercraft – PWC) for best comfort and balancing, front deck for casting, slanted sides for paddling in shallow water


At 98 lbs without a motor, the S4 is the world’s most lightweight microskiff, and the only one that can be car-topped by one person. Its 1:6 weight to payload ratio is unique in this category of small boats. The S4 can be powered by 10 HP outboard motor and driven at speeds nearing 20 mph, but Wavewalk recommends to regular users to use 6 HP motors at the most.
The S4 microskiff can comfortably carry three adult passengers on board, seated or standing, paddling and fishing.
It is a most seaworthy microskiff by size, and it handles waves and chop very well.
As for shallow water, the S4 offers a shallow draft combined with a narrow built and slanted cockpit sides that make it easy to paddle, if necessary. It can also be effectively outfitted with a surface drive motor, a.k.a. mud motor.


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Wavewalk also offers the W700, which is a narrower and more lightweight microskiff than the S4. The W700 is just 31″ wide, and it weighs only 80 lbs. These two exceptional attributes make it the world’s best tandem fishing kayak.

2. The Wavewalk 700


The W700 is a trailer free, car-top microskiff for two full size anglers and their fishing gear –


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